Welcome to PTR Laboratories

Welcome to PTR Laboratories

The parameter value= Red, Green, and Blue component In this format, the red, green, and blue components of a color are each represented by an integer in the range 0-255. The value 0 indicates no contribution from this primary color. The value 255 indicates the maximum intensity of this color component. Make sure the three values are separated by a comma (,) false otherwise black black black black black green blue red yellow yellow yellow


Poly Technic Research Laboratories' domain had been used by spammers to send many emails to people world wide. This email does not originate from PTR Laboratories. PTR Laboratores only sends email to existing clients, and they do not include offers for drugs, mortgages or other common spam offerings.

We appologise for the inconvience the email may have caused you, however there is little we can do to stop the onslaught. Every email we have tried to track down has been sent from a different location, mostly originating in Asia.


Pictures and some information on Subaru XT's and XT-6's
A cool SMP CeleronTM idea.
PHP / database powered Online Periodical website software.


Canwest Fire Services. The website for the fire company I am part of.
HAM / G.E. Radio links and datasheets
Email gateway website for volunteer firefighters and professional firefighters.
Volunteer Firefighter a website for volunteer firefighters and professional firefighters.

Welcome to 
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